Land clearing is the process of removing trees, shrubs, and underbrush from an area in order to create space. Clearing land may be done to increase sunlight, to make room for construction, or simply to beautify the landscape.

Atlanta Tree Service GYRO-TRAC

GYRO-TRAC forestry mower

Land Clearing Can Be Done Responsibly

FORESTRY MULCHING is an environmentally friendly method of land clearing.  With our forestry mower, we eliminate erosion and run off problems. There will be no damage to the root systems of the remaining trees. The freshly created mulch aids in soil retention and the need for costly debris haul-off and unsafe site burns is eliminated. Forestry Mowing transforms overgrowth into mulch that nourishes and revitalizes the soil.  An unusable area is instantly reclaimed through this method. You will be pleased with the aesthetic appearance of your property and the tremendous cost savings.



  • No unsafe burn piles
  • No erosion and run off problems as with conventional land clearing
  • No expensive debris hauling and disposal as with conventional land clearing
  • Increases property value and marketability
  • Will not damage feeder roots of desired trees
  • Trees will not compete with underbrush for nutrients or water
  • Mulch retains water and build up top soil
  • Provides compost, enriching soil and providing organic material
  • Usually no permit required
  • Potential buyers can see land from road
  • Buyer does not fight through underbrush and briars to walk property



 At Treemaster, our land clearing specialists are highly trained and practice safe clearing methods. We are licensed and insured. If you have a land clearing project, contact us today.